Let's Talk about Motivation

"Just believe in yourself. Even if you don't, pretend that you do and, at some point, you will." – Venus Williams


Hello my loves.

It’s been a minute…. Man has it been a busy few months over here.

Today I want to talk about something I’ve struggled with pretty much my whole adult life.


Weather you’re talking about fitness, work, anything really. But specifically fitness.

I am a sloth by nature. Let’s just get that out of the way right now.

Give me the couch, netflix, a good horror movie and I will happily lay around all day.

But lately, for the first time in my life, I HAVEN’t felt the guilt i usually do if I don’t make it to the gym or exercise every week day. I tried for a while to understand why, over thought it (as per usual) and I came to this conclusion… It’s ok. It’s ok if you don’t make it to the gym every day, or if you’re having an “off” day emotionally and just can’t muster the energy to do it and it’s totally ok to not understand it  completely.

I put it down to life. Now - let me just clarify - to all the mum’s out there that hold down a job, the house, the kids and everything that comes along with it, I SALUTE YOU!

Although I have two high maintenance dogs to worry about (and most people would argue with me that they don’t take up that much time. To them i say - come and live in my house for a week and then say that to me LOL), I don’t for one minute have any misconceptions that having human babies to look after is nothing but a fucking full time job!

But being an adult, with a husband, a house to look after, dogs, an online business I’m trying to grow and everything else that happens every day, sometimes you just don’t have the time (or energy) to work out.

I am forever grateful to these two fluff balls. Being high content dogs, I do not have an option but to take them for a run every day, rain hail or shine. But in return, I get at least 30 minutes of exercise every day. So then i can carry on with my day without the guilt that I once had for not sweating it out every single day.

My dogs are my biggest motivation to move. Coming a very close second is my want to be healthy. NOT SKINNY - healthy. Now that shift happened somewhere over the last year - but don’t ask me to pinpoint it. For years - I followed every fitness youtuber/influencer and tried every 1,200 calorie a day, keto, no carb diet out there. Those diets (in my opinion) are very difficult to stick to long term, or even for 8 weeks for me. I want unhappy all the time (not only because I love snacks - but i hate being restricted). I found very heavy duty workout routines that require heavy lifting multiple times a week. Now i could keep up for the most part, but damaging my lower back years ago stopped me from being able to do certain movements, lift certain weights to the point that the workouts seemed pointless.

When I stopped trying to do what other “professionals” swore worked for them, and started taking notice of what actually worked for me, everything changed. Instead of cutting out carbs/dairy/restricting my calorie intake to a ridiculous amount, I just “watched” what I ate most of the week and made better choices Monday through Friday, and still ate delicious snacks over the weekend (still learning how to reign that in). Instead of feeling super guilty if I didn’t make it to the gym every week day and lift really heavy weights, I took the time to dial it back a bit and listen to my Body. I tried something new and out of my comfort zone (Pilates - where have you been my whole life?) and now i just run every day and do pilates 1-2 times a week.

It works for me time wise as well as lifestyle wise. I aim to try getting back into the gym for glute focused workouts at least once or twice a week (any of my asian girls out there know why), but I no longer feel guilty for what I’m currently achieving. Perhaps it means I’m no longer comparing myself to the (mostly) totally unrealistic perception of fitness that we see on social media, but most likely I’m just at an age where I don’t give two sh*ts how other people think of me and i do what works for me.

I just wanted to say to anyone reading this - please stop following famous people/influencers and comparing yourself to them. The unrealistic version of themselves that is on social media is not real. You are enough. You are perfect as you are.

If you want to better yourself, weather that’s physically, mentally or anything in between, then SNAPS to you babe. But you are an amazingly talented, beautiful, vibrant gal and the world needs more people like you.

Until next time my loves….


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