Meet the Pack

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remained unawakened”
 Anatole France


Hello my loves!


Today, is a very exciting post for me to write. I want to introduce you to my pack.


For anyone who knows me, they know i have been an utterly obsessed “dog mum” for 3 years now. For anyone who doesn’t know me… you’re going to learn today!


I never had a dog growing up (my mum was a cat person) so when my husband and i decided to get a puppy a few years ago, i didn’t know what to expect. He wanted a British bull dog, i always wanted a husky. So naturally we decided on the husky (Happy wife happy life, am i right? lol)


I did a hell of a lot of research on the the breed, understanding that they can be difficult at times and require a lot of training and exercise. We found a breeder who was relatively close to us, and we just went to visit. We had the conversation in the car on the way there, it went something like this:


HIM - “we’re just going to look, ok? We’re not coming home with a puppy”.

ME - “ yeah of course, butttt i can’t be in charge, you know i’ll fall in love straight away, so you need to make the call”.


We met the mum and dad, and then she brought out the 2 puppies that were left and were looking for a home. Needless to say, all it took was for our baby to lick my husband’s nose, and we walked away that day paying a deposit on a puppy (who was only 4 weeks old).

Skyla came home about a month later, and i guess you can say the rest is history (or more realistically, a long ass story that nobody wants to hear because i can talk about my dogs for days). She is a typical husky. Sassy, smart as hell, master escaper (when left alone) and most importantly an absolute daddy’s girl. These two have an amazing bond. When daddy’s home, i don’t exist lol



About a year of having Skyla, and obviously being completely obsessed with the breed by then, i came across a husky/malamute dog rescue up the coast from us. They had made a facebook post asking for help transferring a dog  from one place to another, and i had messaged saying i was available to help. I went up the coast, transferred the dog to the vet as required and ended up spending a few hours onsite talking to the owner. I had mentioned that i was only working part time, and if they ever needed any help in the kennels i was happy to do so. Nelly was always looking for help (being a not for profit charity) so the next week i was up there learning the lay of the land and how it all ran. I only worked there one day a week, because it was an 1.5 hour drive away. About 6 months in (and after a lot of begging and pleading to my husband) we decided we might be wanting to give one of the rescue dogs a home. I took Skyla with me each week, and she absolutely loved it. Being able to run a muck for 8 hours with pups of her own kind and learning how to howl etc. Nelly knows Skyla, and knows every single dog in her care intimitly. What they’re issues are, who they can and can’t be in a run with, she is honestly one of the best! So she had a short list of 3 dogs she thought would be well suited to to Skyla and our living arrangements.


He came home, and we never looked back. Say hello to Diesel.


This boy is the most amazingly sensitive, caring, loveable dude in the world. I know he was mistreated as a pup, so he just craves acceptance and love. How someone couldn't be absolutely besotted by this boy is beyond me?!? (completely unbiased opinion 😜). Skyla took a bit to get used to him, being before she was the queen of the house, and now all of a sudden there’s another dog getting attention. It took a good year for them to really acclimatise to each other, and become bonded. They’re not bonded in the typical manner, they very much do their own thing from day to day, but they play together like crazy, and you try to take one to the vet and leave the other, they have a meltdown! Separation anxiety anyone?

I worked at the shelter for almost 2 years. Now we live about 3 hours away, and when i had made the decision to start this business, I also decided to put all my time and effort into it so i unfortunately had to stop volunteering at the shelter. I still see them regularly, Nelly and Kathryn look after my babies whenever we go away on holidays. I DO NOT trust anyone else except them to look after my pigs when i’m not here. Nelly has devoted her life to this breed and rescuing them from all different situations, and finding the best possibly furever homes for them to go to. AMRAA (also know as Alaskan Malamute Rehoming Aid Australia) is an amazing charity with a group of dedicated people who work 24/7 doing the right things by these beautiful babies.


For anyone in Australia who has ever thought of getting a husky or malamute, DO YOUR RESEARCH. The biggest reason why this beautiful breed ends up in shelters and rescues is because people don’t do the research, and buy it based on “they look cool”, “ i want a  dog like the one from the Game of Thrones”. They can require a lot of time and effort, a lot more than a lot of other breeds. They require daily exercise, stimulation, and can be funny around other dogs (especially pocket pets). In return for the time and effort you put in, you get amazingly intelligent dogs who will love you unconditionally and be everything to you, therapist, gym buddy, dinner date, snuggle partner, thunder buddy, the list is endless.


If you are in the market for an arctic breed, visit or find them on facebook. You will not be disappointed.


Adopt don’t shop. This stands for any breed of dog. I’m a strong believer in this. I know we ‘bought’ Skyla, they are a specialist breed and can’t be found in a pet store. But after volunteering  the Shelter, and being around the rescue dogs that need a home, i will always urge people to rescue a dog. There are so many beautiful babies around the world, who just want a home and someone to love them!


Now i’m just going to leave a collage of photos here for ya’ll. 

Until next time my loves ...




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